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Aus-Crete Industrial Rapid

Aus-Crete Industrial Rapid

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Rapid Setting high performance, flexible polymer, fortified cement-based adhesive for installing tile and stone over a wide range of substrates. Advanced polymer technology promotes a permanent bond when using the conventional mud bed method, Great coverage and easy to use.        

Available in grey 20kg

Rapid setting and trafficable in 3 hours at 21℃


Install tile and stone over a wide range of substrates:

  • Tile over tile
  • Tile over terrazzo
  • Cement sheet
  • Plaster board
  • Waterproof membranes
  • Concrete
  • Render
  • Screeds

Suitable for:

  • Extra heavy duty installations
  • Industrial and commercial floors and walls
  • Facades and areas subject to thermal and physical shock

Rapid transit constructions and areas subject to constant heavy and industrial vehicles


Coverage per bag *
6x6 mm trowel 10x10 mm trowel
8-10 m2 approx. 6 m2

Safety Data Sheet

Technical Data Sheet

VOC Content Test Certificate

*Coverage of adhesives, screeds and membranes are a guide only as there are other factors to take into account. Large tiles consume more adhesive, rough out of plain surfaces consume more materials. Tiles should always be installed as per Australian Standards and good trade practices. Tile and stone should be fully bedded to provide long term support and durability. Large tile and stone should be back buttered to ensure good bond.